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About AgentSafe

Founded in 2017 by well known and respected trainer George Rousos, who also operates the highly regarded registered training organisation (RTO) Industry Training Consultants. When George first started out back in 2004, his passion for real estate education drove him to start analysing the laws in relation to safety and security of real estate and work, health and safety. After he could see across various property markets and within agencies, that very little was being done to avoid or mitigate personal liability, he saw an opportunity to develop something special that would not only address the problem at hand, but bring smiles to the faces of many in the industry. This gave George the impetus to turn hard work and inspiration into launching a remarkable new product called AgentSafe. The product was financially supported and endorsed by Jobs for NSW in 2017 (now Department of Enterprise, Investment and Trade).

Since being rolled out in 2018, AgentSafe has made it easier for property agents to meet their work, health and safety obligations and manage property safety requirements for owners. Overall, the AgentSafe platform is designed to make it cool, awesome and enjoyable to use. At AgentSafe for Real Estate we are keen to help and welcome you to our revolutionary product, making the experience all worthwhile. With this in mind, we have setup an About Product Page to tell you more about the product and FAQ’s page to make the decision making process easy.