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Case Studies

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20 March 2024
Sarah Keoghan Court and Crime Reporter -
A multi-million dollar home was accidentally burned to the ground by a real estate agent in one of Sydney’s most prestigious suburbs.
24 February 2024
ABC Kimberley / By Vanessa Mills
Authorities in Western Australia's far north are investigating a dog attack that has left a prominent Broome real estate agent recuperating in a wheelchair with severe leg injuries.
Workplace Safety in Real Estate
27 December 2023
ABC News
An Adelaide woman who was seriously injured in an alleged stabbing at her workplace last week has thanked the community for its support, while paying tribute to her colleague who died at the scene.
30 September 2023
Elizabeth Daoud - National Crime Reporter - 7News
The tenant claimed the landlord failed to repair a leaking roof in the home, which caused a major problem.
29 August 2023
By Barry Nilsson
Can agents be held liable for failing to take adequate precautions to prevent injuries to potential buyers from hazards in homes they open up for inspection and any driveway injury?
26 July 2023
NSW Case Law Website
On 12 June 2020, a 64 year old worker was fatally injured when attempting to open a damaged main metal security gate manually and it fell onto him at Berkeley.
Home fire agent negligence
25 May 2023
By Georgia Westgarth
An 11-month fight to regain possession of a rental property has ended in flames, with a suspicious fire razing a Melbourne landlord's home.
Collapsed ceiling rental property
27 February 2023
An Aussie renter reported concerns about her ceiling to her property manager for years until it eventually caved in on her sleeping sister.
5 December 2022
Allanah Sciberras
A meter reader was mauled to death in a dog attack on a Queensland property
Black mould bathroom
21 August 2022
Ally Foster
An Aussie woman has revealed how she developed dementia and forgot her own name – all because of a hidden problem in her Sydney home.
11 May 2022
Sarah Sharples
Aussie industry where bullying, assault and mental health issues are rife
Case Studies Real Estate Safety
9 November 2021
Freya Noble
A girl has fallen from a window on the second floor of a home in Sydney's west. The accident happened just after midday in Milperra, where it is believed she fell through the flyscreen.
13 July 2021
Derrick Krusche
High-profile Sydney lawyer Chris Murphy argued mould in a multimillion dollar Eastern suburbs rental ruined thousands of dollars worth of art, clothing and furniture.
12 July 2021
Katri Uibu
David Billett says his rental property was in such a squalid condition "a rat wouldn't live in it".
23 April 2021
Nassir Bechara
The real estate agent was acting as property manager of the premises on behalf of the unit owner (also a defendant against a claim from the law firm's client), pursuant to a residential tenancy agreement. The Law firm's client was a lawful entrant on the premises pursuant to the signed lease agreement when they slipped on a pool of water, which had leaked from the shower recess onto the floor.
12 January 2021
Lea Emery
A GOLD Coast mine worker wants $308,000 compensation after he allegedly suffered an electric shock and was thrown from his ladder when changing a light bulb.
1 December 2020
Natalie Wynne
Police say a two-year-old girl died when a blind cord wrapped around her neck in a tragic accident on the Sunshine Coast at the weekend.
27 August 2020
Lauren Golman - A Current Affair
Single mum Enisa thought she hit the jackpot when public housing gave her this three-bedroom home but it's been nothing but a nightmare since she moved there.
1 November 2019
yahoo! news 21 June 2019
The woman savagely mauled by dogs inside a NSW home has been identified by local media as Central Coast resident Joanne Hayes.
6 April 2019
Hannah Ryan
The apartment's owners and real estate agents sued each other, each saying the other one should cover all the tenant's damages.
19 February 2019
Yahoo7 News
An adored real estate agent and fitness coach who fell to his death from a Brisbane balcony has been described as a “genuinely all round great guy” who had “everything to live for”.
31 October 2018
The Age
A family dispute over a property sale has allegedly resulted in a double murder and attempted suicide.
13 August 2018
Max McKinney
A couple who took a real estate agency to the state’s tenancy tribunal was only two days after reporting unsafe asbestos removal
6 July 2018
SBS News
The NSW coroner has recommended changes to smoke alarm laws and a bravery award for a mother whose daughter died after a house fire.
54-year-old woman receives $40,000 after falling through flooring of rental property
1 June 2018
Gerard Malouf and Partners
In around June 2018, a 54-year-old lady was visiting her friend at their rental premises. As she was walking through the dining room, the floorboards gave way causing her body to fall into the hole and become stuck within the hole around the waist.
21 September 2017
Paul Kozub and Catherine Hing
Australia: A case of a balcony collapse: who is to blame?
17 May 2017
By Nancy Rainbird
Australia is one of the most litigious societies in the world and real estate agents are not immune to claims.
22 December 2016
Tom Cowie
A tenant who suffered a severe electric shock when he touched a live light fitting is suing the landlords and real estate agent, accusing them of not undertaking a $90 repair job despite a visit from an electrician.
23 November 2015
Nassir Bechara
Sydney tenant sues real estate agent for negligence as a result of a slip and fall in rental unit.
18 March 2014
Geraldine Cardozo and Richard Noone, Central Coast Gosford Express Advocate
Death of baby in Niagara Park balcony collapse prompts building safety warning.
19 September 2012
Bridie Jabour
The death of a baby, who fell from her father's arms when his foot went through a rotten verandah, has prompted a coroner to recommend an overhaul of the rental industry.
22 September 2010
Chris Vedelago
Court ruling spells trouble for investors and rental agents. A recent NSW court decision will push investors and rental agents to take a closer look at safety in their properties after more than $840,000 was awarded to a tenant injured by broken glass.