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Case Studies

See below list of case studies involving property safety.

17 May 2017
By Nancy Rainbird
Australia is one of the most litigious societies in the world and real estate agents are not immune to claims.
21 September 2017
Paul Kozub and Catherine Hing
Australia: A case of a balcony collapse: who is to blame?
18 March 2014
Geraldine Cardozo and Richard Noone, Central Coast Gosford Express Advocate
Death of baby in Niagara Park balcony collapse prompts building safety warning
22 September 2010
Chris Vedelago
Court ruling spells trouble for investors and rental agents. A recent NSW court decision will push investors and rental agents to take a closer look at safety in their properties after more than $840,000 was awarded to a tenant injured by broken glass.
22 December 2016
Tom Cowie
A tenant who suffered a severe electric shock when he touched a live light fitting is suing the landlords and real estate agent, accusing them of not undertaking a $90 repair job despite a visit from an electrician.
23 November 2015
Nassir Bechara
Sydney tenant sues real estate agent for negligence as a result of a slip and fall in rental unit
19 September 2012
Bridie Jabour
The death of a baby, who fell from her father's arms when his foot went through a rotten verandah, has prompted a coroner to recommend an overhaul of the rental industry.