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AgentSafe for Real Estate developed the product in consultation with property agents throughout NSW and other stakeholder groups.

Property managers, sales agents and strata managers working locally and interstate will benefit  using AgentSafe.

AgentSafe is a cloudbase application that easily integrates with other applications or software with web access. All compliance reports can be saved into the hard disk drive on your computer, or uploaded to a cloud storage folder. It is worth noting that AgentSafe is a complementary product and not a replacement for other software, it's regarded as the missing piece.


In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the internet instead of your computer's hard drive. The cloud is just a metaphor for the Internet.

Given the sensitive nature of the data, AgentSafe employs the following levels of security:


The application's web and database server is hosted on industry recognised Microsoft Azure's cloud technology.


Includes sql authentication and encryption. All read/write operations are performed via a middle application tier.
Daily backups are stored in Microsoft Azure.

Software Architecture

Role based authentication provides finely controlled access to areas within AgentSafe.
Anti-forgery tokens are implemented to prevent malicious attempts to access data such as cross-site-scripting.

Full audit trail of database changes.

Compliance Reports for each property.

There is a range of educational factsheets and website pages to assist in carrying out all tasks in accordance with the requirements of WHS legislation, and meeting property compliance requirements.

AgentSafe also provides integration with ADLForms, which enables agents to directly work in the ADLForms user interface.

Yes, AgentSafe includes the ability to upload and store all these items.

Yes, non-compliant properties are highlighted in the dashboard area and the property view screen. AgentSafe also has report automation functionality for non-compliant properties and tradespeople.

The AgentSafe design platform is monitored and where necessary, modified to ensure users have the latest version control software. A notification email is sent by our support team to keep users informed, when content changes to the system are made. All resources in the AgentSafe software are approved by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) Trainer and Assessor.

Yes, regular notification emails are sent to keep users updated on any new changes to legislation, including media releases regarding safety and security matters.

Yes, AgenSafe can be used for managing maintenance and repairs on behalf of property owners. A work order or job can be created, added to the calendar and updated anytime.  Alerts can be set up for property repairs and maintenance - including tradespeople and sent via the built in email system.

Customers can choose to pay monthly or buy an annual subscription at a discounted rate. The fees are based on number of properties an office manages.

When the property quota value is reached, a message is displayed to contact AgentSafe for Real Estate to increase the licence limit.  To avoid any access denied in adding a new property, one can monitor the threshold displayed in the dashboard area.

IT maintenance, phone support and email alert service. However, additional fees will apply for onsite training.

Yes, AgentSafe’s bulk upload feature allows users to import the property data from an exported file. This tool is intended to quickly bulk upload properties into the AgentSafe system and should be used with care, and in consultation with your AgentSafe account manager.

You can be up and running within 24hrs.

By completing the online registration form and return it to us at [email protected].